Our Staff....

Jon, Oliver, And Kimberly Spatz

Started Business on 2000.  Officially Register D/B/A in 2003

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for 14 Years!

I have been involved with computers since the beginning in 5th grade with a Apple ][e And Logo (10 Years Old)

In the Early 90's I was in Vo-Tech for computer programming as well as FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) where I won 1St in District and 11th in State for computer concepts in business (1990).  In (1991) I won 1st In District and 4th in state.  Any my Senior Year (1992) I won 1st in District and 3rd in State.   I went to the State Conference Three Years in a Row.  Got to Love Seven Springs Ski Resort.  I was involved in BBS Systems (Bulletin Board Systems) before the Internet even took off.  I am still Keeping that alive with a Registered Wildcat WinSERVER.  Now I run a small business with my wife and son selling Movies & Videogames at discount prices to keep the servers alive.  I also have Three Boys with my x-wife. (Connor 16, Donavan 13, and Ethan 12).  I am 44, Wife is 27, Oliver is almost 2. (See above Picture)  We also do small computer repair too.  Any Questions? Just e-mail me : jonspatz@hotmail.com

US Postal Address:

  540 South 4th Street

  Hamburg, PA 19526

  LANDLINE - (610) 562-3894

  Fax - (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  Cell - (484) 769-1705

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